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Sleep Mask V2

Sleep Mask V2

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The Sleep Mask V2 is a device designed to help with falling asleep, waking up, preventing snoring, and more. It is usable as a Mind Machine and connects to the app via Bluetooth.

Sleep Mask V2 is a succesor of the Sleep Mask for Sleep as Android, one of our most sold products. Since the mask's cloth cover can wear out with everyday use, you can buy an extra cover separately.

The mask is completely wireless and comfortable for an all-night, everyday use. Studies show that a device such as the Sleep Mask V2, paired with our Mind Machine applications, may successfully fight Alzheimer's.

Paired with our Mind Machine apps, you can use this device as a Mind Machine, allowing you to access a wide range of sessions to help you relax, energize yourself and meditate, or increase your focus and learning.



  • 22 x 8.3 cm / 8.6 x 3.2 inch
  • length of the band: 30 cm + 3 cm velcro / 11.8 inch + 1.1 inch velcro


  • sunrise alarm (from low red to bright yellow) for gentle wake-up
  • light stimulated lullabies help you fall asleep faster
  • lucid dreaming: learn to remember and control your dreams
  • anti-snoring
  • usable as a Mind Machine


  • connects to the app via Bluetooth
  • 4x color LEDs (up to 8 million colors)
  • completely wireless – no cables in your bed!


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Cloth mask for the Bluetooth Sleep Mask

The cloth part of the mask can wear out after some time, which is why we made it available to be purchased separately.

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