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Sleep Mask for Sleep as Android

Sleep Mask for Sleep as Android

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A device designed exclusively for the Sleep as Android application. New sleep technology including a light sleep mask, fast fall asleep, gentle wake up. Lullaby, lucid dreaming, anti-snoring. In addition, usable as a mind machine.

We have improved this USB sleeping mask and created the Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Advantages of the new Bluetooth Mask:

  • More comfortable - connection without wires

  • More environmentally friendly - after wearing the fabric mask, it is only possible to replace it.

  • Compatibility - The mask can be used for relaxation programs on Android and IOS.

 Bluetooth mask is here


  • Sunrise alarm: from low red to full yellow, no need for annoying sound anymore

  • Lullaby with light simulation: stimulates your brain waves for faster fall asleep

  • Lucid dreaming cue: learn to control and remember your dreams

  • Anti-snoring light

  • Comfortable to wear all night

Warning: We can not guarantee the compatibility of your phone and our OTG cable. Therefore we recommend using your own OTG cable that works the best with your phone.
- COLORED VERSIONS of the Sleep Mask are shipped via Czech Post or UPS, USPS is not available
We have prepared documentation and source codes for developers to program own application to control your device.
Available for Android.


  •    Works with Sleep as Android and Mindroid Apps for Android and AVS Studio for PC

  • Supports any OTG equipped Android phone or Tablet - What is an OTG? (If you are not sure if your device supports USB OTG, you can send us the name and type of the device, and we will find out this information for you)

  • Android 3.2 and higher

  • 4x color LEDs (up to 8 million colors)

  • micro USB OR USB-C connector (which can not be used for external charging) is included in the package, but we recommend having your own, which suits you and your phone the best with its dimensions, etc.

  • Dimensions of the mask: max. 22 x 8.3 cm; length of the band 30 cm + 3 cm velcro

The first use of a sleep mask with applications Sleep as Android and Mindroid.

For more videos, follow this link.

Visit this link to download the user's manual.


Q: I received my Sleep Mask, but I don’t know how to use it.

A: Watch this video:

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