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Happy Electronics, s.r.o.

Victory Bluetooth

Victory Bluetooth

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Free from wires! Victory is a compact mind machine fully integrated into glasses designed for the application Mindroid and IOS app HRV Mind Machine. It provides comfort, flexibility, easy manipulation, and a wide range of sessions. Victory is ideal for traveling, sleep sessions, quick relaxation, or concentration sessions during a lunch break.

Introducing the first batch of our latest product, we would like to offer you this major discount! There is just a limited number of pieces in this batch and for this special price. We would be grateful if you could provide us some feedback so we could continue getting better!

Victory Bluetooth is a successor of the Victory V2 glasses.

Happy Electronics began to develop its own mind machines ten years ago. Feedback from customers suggested that many users use it before sleep and often fall asleep during the session. So, in Happy Electronics, we thought about making usage of our mind machine more comfortable, easy to use, and quick to set up. Our result is Victory.

A wide range of sessions will help you relax, energize, meditate, focus, learn, imagine, and fall asleep. More advanced users can download the editor of sessions for free and easily create their own sessions. Colors of visual stimulation are present, but they can be easily changed at any time.


  • Color range 16.7 million

  • The battery can last between 60 to 90 minutes, which equals 4 to 6 sessions without charging.

  • Handsfree

  • Mindroid app is necessary for using this device.

  • NEW - compatible with project HRV Mind Machine




  • No wires needed for headphones nor glasses

  • Compact

  • No cables needed for running

  • Simple, comfortable

  • Protective pack (eliminates mechanical damage during transportation or storage)

  • 2 years guarantee + possible repair by the manufacturer

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