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Sleep Phaser V3

Sleep Phaser V3

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Sleep Phaser V3 is a bedside smart light that monitors your sleep phases and connects to an app via Bluetooth.


Sleep Phaser V3 is a smart bedside light that monitors your sleep phases, helps you fall asleep and wake up, and measures your breath rate. It connects to our Sleep as Android app.

The device is contactless, there's no wires in your bed, no plastic dics, and there's no need for a special mattress – just a bedside light. The device itself is powered by a charging cord.

It is not radio-based, only low-energy Bluetooth is used to ensure the connection to your smartphone. Sleep Phaser's sensor is infrared-light based.

At the heart of the Sleep Phaser is a passive infrared sensor that can recognize the heat changes in your body and monitors your breathing.

Recent studies show that devices such as Sleep Phaser V3, paired with the Mindroid app, may successfully fight Alzheimer's.

How to use it:

  1. Connect the device to the power supply using the cable provided.
  2. Place the Sleep Phaser next to your bed, make sure the sensor is not being blocked by any objects. You should be able to see it from your bed.
  3. To control the device, touch the top of the lamp – the light will switch with every touch as follows: white - yellow - red - off.



  • 75 x 75x 155 mm / 2.9 x 2.9 x 6.1 inch


  • plastic

Product variants

The Sleep Phaser V3 offers two variants - you can choose between SINGLE and DUAL package.

  • SINGLE: Contains 1pc.
  • DUAL: Contains 2pcs. When using two devices, a function called pair tracking cross-checks signals from both Sleep Phasers against each other and clears them out. This way any of your partner's data won't be displayed in your app!

Both variants include one charging cable per device, the type corresponds with the recipient country.


  • sleep tracking
  • smart alarm
  • wake-up light
  • snoring prevention
  • breathing measurement
  • automatic lights-off after 30 minutes
  • 3 light modes: white, yellow and red
  • low-intensity light for all-night use


  • connects to the app via Bluetooth
  • sensor for detecting sleep phases, measuring sleep quality and breathing
  • touch sensor
  • RGB colors
  • four non-skid points on the bottom
  • powered by a charging adapter
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