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Alert StressLocator Oximeter - BM2000B

Alert StressLocator Oximeter - BM2000B

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A comfortable wrist oximeter for measuring your pulse and blood oxygenation. Connects to the Sleep as Android and HRV Mind Machine applications.

Alert StressLocator Oximeter is a comfortable device for precise measurement of your pulse waves and blood oxygenation. It is compatible with the Sleep as Android app and the HRV Mind Machine app.

The device consists of three main elements – a sensor that measures pulse waves, an application for Android, and server application. The oximeter allows you to measure mental and physical stress and to quickly estimate your overall condition.

You can use the device anywhere as long as you have a smartphone with the app installed with you.

Dynamic blood oxygen monitoring assists in assessing sleep apnea, and an intelligent buzzer alarm wakes you up when the results are beyond the normal range. The measured data are transmitted to a smartphone or another Android device via BT

. The data can also be displayed on a colored OLED display.


  • EN865 Calibration specification for pulse oximeters
  • EN60601-1 Safety for medical equipment
  • EN60601-1-4 General safety standard


  • measures oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate, and pulse intensity
  • 2 smart alarms - one for SpO2 and the other for heart rate decrease, the alarms will wake you up if your results are beyond the normal range


  • comfortable sensors (one spare sensor included in the package)
  • rechargable 700mAH battery, 3.7V lithium
  • SpO2 range: 35-100% (accuracy ±3% at 70-79%)
  • pulse rate 25-250bpm (accuracy ±2bpm)
  • power consumption: less than 60 mA
  • resolution: 1% for SPO2 and 1 BPM for pulse range
  • connects to the app via BT
  • colored OLED display for viewing the results
  • suitable for long-term nightly usage
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