Terms and Conditions of Delivery


Shipment and delivery

After filling the address form, you will be asked to choose the carrier. It can be either Czech Post (cheaper, the goods will be delivered by standard post in your country), or Ups (not available in all locations). The delivery by the posts costs $4 for addresses inside the EU and $9 for the rest of the world. If you choose the Ups, we may request some additional information from you, usually your phone number. The price of the Ups shipment is not fix and may change time to time. The current cost is $ 29. for Europe, $38 for North America and $45 for the other continents.

The shipment does not happen immediately, it can take up to 3 days, depends on availability of the goods ordered, the state of payment and other factors. The packages carried by the post are delivered usually within 3-14 days within Europe and around 4 weeks for the rest of the world, Ups delivers the packages usually within 2-3 days after dispatch. Please note that especially in the case of the post it can take up to 20 business days for the parcel to arrive due to variety of possible complications from custom offices to misunderstandings. We cannot guarantee the date of delivery and no post accepts claims after less than three weeks from shipment. Due to that, we cannot consider any calls for refunds for late delivery within that period.

Each package has its tracking ID assigned. The customer receives it via email, or it can be found among your order's details on our eshop. If you cannot find it, please contact us to avoid any future trouble. The UPS parcels are to track on www.ups.com; and the parcels sent via post are usually trackable on websites of the local post of recipient's country (www.postaonline.cz/trackandtrace ). Please be aware that the post official often forget to inform the recipient of an arrival of a package, be sure to check your post office before complaining to us.

It is advisable to track a package on www.trackingmore.com .

In case the package arrives the destination but the customer does not pick it up, so the package is in the end returned to us, we try to contact the customer. There are two possibilities then, either to send it again, or to partially refund the order. No full refund is possible in this case; we always try to refund as much money as possible, but the shipping costs are never refunded. The rest depends to great extent on the destination of the customer, the customs and other fees related to the shipment.

Happy Electronics does not guarantee the time periods mentioned above. All depends on the carrier.

By placing an order, the customer agrees with the terms of shipment and delivery. It is the customers own responsibility to collect or accept the delivery.