About Us

Our motto is to create products to improve the quality of life. For example, our contribution to a better and better life is stress relief, better sleep and many more. Our projects include sleep monitoring, projects for measuring heart activity (HRV), skin conductivity, and audio-visual stimulation devices. We are a team of programmers and developers of electronics.


In addition to developing and selling our own products, we also work with many companies on joint projects. For therapists we create customized HRV applications. We develop products for developers for their applications


Audiovisual stimulation (mindmachines)
Biofeedback with mindmachines
Measurement and calculation of HRV using oximeters and use for therapists, mentors and rubbers.
Measurement of sleep actigrafile and respiratory rate during sleep
Sleep apnea detection
Skin conductivity measurement

Main office

Happy Electronics, s. r. o.
Beranových 130, areal VZLÚ, building 32
199 05 Praha 9

Czech Republic